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  • Best for any skin type. Be it normal skin, oily skin or dry skin, it suits them all.
  • A perfect blend of Aloe-Vera and the cloth-like fabric.
  • None of the harmful elements such as alcohol substance, artificial fragrances or colors are used to make these wet wipes.
  • Easy to dispose of. Best part they are biodegradable as well. So no harming the nature either during the course of creation or disposal.
  • Approved by Dermatologists.
  • Free from Parabens or any other compounds which are used for bactericidal and fungicidal properties.
  • 40gsm Spunlace. Well, spunlace the cloth which is neither woven nor went through spinning instead it is combined with other methods which make it soft as well as comfortable for skin.
  • Aloe- Vera Wet wipes is something which you should have all the time to keep you comfortable from any skin problem from your incontinence issues.
  • 48 Count