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  • The top layer of the liners is similar to the soft fabric used in diapers, which is 80/20 cotton polyester blend. So when you touch it, it is as soft as your bed sheet and as protective as any of your incontinence product.
  • High absorbency level. In technical language, it is one level 5 in terms of absorbency.
  • The middle layer includes fabric which can soak and hold the fluids in it. The normal capacity of the liner is to hold up to four cups of liquid and in the case of the large pad (33″ x 34″) six cups of liquid.
  • The last layer which is attached to your bed is made up of vinyl material which knitted together and keeps the moisture as well as the liquid intact. Hence your favorite mattress or couch is safe.
  • The vinyl fabric also keeps the liner intact on the bed where you put it, with a little bit help from the tapes on the edges. No more stress about slip-ups in the night. It will stay where you put it.
  • Can easily wash them in the morning as per the terms are written on the wrapper.
  • Not heavy to carry. So no more hassles to adjust it into your carry bag while leaving for the vacation. They will be happy in the little corner of your bag.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • A perfect choice to keep you protected from spotting, stress-free, carefree, confident, etc.
  • A box with maximum coverage, highest absorbency, best protection.