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  • No more leakage in case of light to moderate bladder loss.
  • High absorbency level with level 5 rating, so forget about those embarrassing spotting.
  • The outermost layer which touches your skin is made up of cotton fabric to give your skin a soft touch and keep you comfortable all the time you are wearing it.
  • The inner material includes Air-laid paper wrap, fluff mix SAP, and Waterproof PE film.
  • The edges have a tape strip which keeps the sanitary napkin intact in its place. No more twisting or slipping of the napkin from their original place.
  • Best for light to moderate level of bladder loss. It provides maximum protection to the people with this issue.
  • Light weight, small in size, so you can carry it everywhere with you without getting noticed and hassled about big bags.
  • It is designed for both men and women. No more guessing about which is which.
  • Easy to dispose off. Just remove and wrap it in disposable paper and throw in the trash.
  • Latex free.
  • 20 COUNT